Male English Bulldog puppy.

Male English Bulldog puppy. (sold)

English Bulldog Puppies from the more reputable breeders are bred to standard, vet checked, and raised in a loving environment. When it comes time to sell the puppies, the breeder carefully screens potential adopters. At Trian Bulldogs we are Bulldog Enthusiasts and follow these practices when planning a litter and selling our puppies.

We keep a waiting list for our puppies and want to assure they get the best homes. Our English Bulldogs are all our pets and are treated as family members. The English Bulldog breeder you choose will be the best or worst decision you can make when looking at an English Bulldog puppy for sale. Pick your breeder carefully and as a result, you will be assured of the healthiest English Bulldog puppy having the least amount of issues. When you purchase a puppy from Train Bulldogs, you will have lifetime advice and guidance.

Contact us to get on our future puppy waiting list or for more information. Email Us- Our hours are 9am to 8 pm Monday through Saturday CST. If looking for the cheapest puppy you can find please go elsewhere. If you are calling just for a price, our puppies start at $4,500.00. The puppies are priced according to quality. You are paying for a top quality puppy and our 40 years experience with the breed. Bulldogs are not an inexpensive breed. Ours are no exception. If you are truly looking for a QUALITY puppy that actually looks like a Bulldog, that is HEALTH CHECKED and bred to the standard by a Long time EXPERIENCED breeder we look forward to speaking with you. We are very busy so we appreciate serious inquiries only.

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